Last season, Smalin, Jones, Luke - Xiao has never been able to play a stable high level of performance, so in the summer transfer market, Manchester United at least in the back, the left back position on the introduction of a high level player. In the midfield, Carrick has been 35 years old, although he has extended the contract with the team for one year, but Berger is still an urgent need for a prime of life, Manchester United also need to be able to keep in the future for many years In the peak level of the defensive avant-garde Charles Hudon Jersey. The situation is more severe: it now appears that Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney is likely to leave the old Trafford this summer, Manchester United must introduce at least one high-level scorer, after all, the pressure for the Premiership champions It is very unrealistic to put on the young players such as Rushford Rene Bourque Jersey, Marshall. Adams also pointed out that he had the opportunity to become Wenger's assistant, but this did not happen, "I think six or seven years ago, I could have been part of the club, but he definitely let me down, there is no reason for me not Come back because I was there for 22 years Henri Richard Jersey.I believe I can help him, we were originally a good team, we will be together with the very good. Gleeszmann has been the concern of Manchester United, rumors, the Red Devils will spend 100 million euros to buy Gleeszman's contract, Mourinho hope that the French striker can succeed in the future Ibrahimovic. But the Red Devils are unexpected, Atletico's appeal for the ban on the ban has been rejected, which makes it difficult for them to let go of the core players. West media also pointed out that if the Atletico lost Gleeszman, then in the next season, the team can only rely on the combination of Gamero and Torres, which is not conducive to Atletico in the Primera Liga and Champions League plans to dominate Bryan Allen Jersey.