It is noteworthy that the above players, still not Manchester United in the transfer market, the biggest "pain." After Van Gaal entered the old Trafford stadium, he was 59.7 million pounds from the introduction of the Argentine winger Dimaliya, followed by Schweinsteiger also from Bayern Munich to vote, the Colombian striker Falcao is based on the loan The way to join the Red Devils The three top stars in the old Trafford stadium's performance is a nightmare, this fact is enough to prove that only by spending big money to introduce star players, and can not guarantee to help Manchester United success; in other words, for Manchester United this Rich team, it is often easy to spend huge sums of money, but how to make the new star to adapt to the team's tactical play Montreal Canadiens Jersey, is the most critical. As an old disciple of Wenger, Adams did not want to say anything, he later said, "I always thought he was Arsenal's most successful coach, I do not want this to be destroyed, I see him very obsessed with football, I I can not see him any other life.I just do not want him to leave, until all the collapse or even tears, that time, we will no longer like Arsenal, it really will be too sad. In today's attention to Graceman issued a new Twitter, the French striker called the Atletico should be more than ever to unity Victor Bartley Jersey, in the British media view Larry Robinson Jersey, this is a very obvious Gleeszman stay signal Lars Eller Jersey. Kobe radio broke the news that: Gleezmann has been communicating with Manchester United that can not be in difficult times so atleime difficult.